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Alethia Lee

Alethia Lee

Colon Hydrotherapist

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Alethia is an ex Human Resources Practitioner who retrained as a nutrition and health coach after various gynaecological health challenges which lead to a number of miscarriages. Following extensive research she realized the detrimental impact that stress, toxins and lack of nutrition can have on ones health.


After experiencing the health renewing benefits of a holistic approach to health that utilises Colon detoxification and a transformed mindset to nutrition, Alethia experienced the reversal of a number of health conditions.


After giving birth to her second child, Alethia decided to train as a Naturopathic inspired Colonic Hydrotherapist.


Alethia uses Colonic Hydrotherapy and Nutritional coaching to improve gynecological conditions, support pre pregnancy detoxification and post pregnancy recovery, alleviate digestive dysfunction and to restore body balance which leaves you feeling clean from the inside-out with renewed energy in mind, body and spirit!


She is a true motivator who embodies the principles she imparts.


Alethia is a registered member of IPCH (The Institute of Professional Colonic Hydrotherapy) and is fully insured by Balens.
Disposable speculums are used for each treatment.


Please note that Alethia accepts debit cards but does not accept credit cards as a method of payment.

Available At Feel Good Balham

Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

Treatments Offered By Alethia Lee

Colon Hydrotherapy  

Colon Hydrotherapy    

Initial Colonic 75min £90
Follow up colonic 60min £80

Course of 3 colonic package £230
Course of 6 Colonic package £450

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