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Katie Marshall

Katie Marshall

Musculoskeletal and Womens Health Physiotherapist

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Member of CSP, HCPC, AACP and POGP 


Having gained a degree in Anatomical science from Bristol, Katie graduated from Kings College London with a first class degree in Physiotherapy in 2006. Initially she worked in the NHS gaining valuable experience and developing a well-rounded view of patient care. During this time, Katie completed her pilates training through APPI.


Since 2009, she has worked privately in a sports based environment holistically addressing patients' problems through manual therapy, pilates, general exercise, and acupuncture for which she is AACP accredited.


Katie believes the combination of manual therapy and acupuncture to relieve pain provides the perfect window of opportunity to then rehabilitate clients with pilates based exercise.


Whilst treating pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions over the years, Katie has met many women who have experienced very poor urogynaecological (such as prolapse, urinary urgency, incontinence), pelvic floor and and post partum care, and have been given very little information and advice on this area. On the whole, they feel let down by the current lack of provision in the NHS. This, together with becoming a mother of two herself, has driven Katie to develop her skills further in this area, completing post graduate Pelvic Obstetric Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) women's health courses. She is also particularly interested in helping mothers with rectus diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles following childbirth) and studying the effect of hormone levels on musculoskeletal strength, particularly for the pelvic floor.


In light of her experience, Katie feels strongly that all women should see a women's health physiotherapist postpartum to optimize their recovery and rehabilitation and ensure a safe, effective return to daily life and exercise. As a keen sportswomen and part of an active family, she understands how important it is to stay strong and healthy to maintain the juggling act of family life. Katie is approachable, empathetic and will make you feel totally comfortable when seeking treatment and advice for what can be sensitive, or even embarrassing issues.


The additional postgraduate training Katie has done in modern medical acupuncture and Women's health helps her to assess her clients holistically, instead of treating each symptom separately.

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30 Mins : £55    45 Mins : £65   

Initial appointment lasts 45 minutes and costs £65

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