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Maria Vassoodaven

Maria Vassoodaven


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Many years ago Maria began to realise her natural ability with people, this specially came to her whilst working for one of the biggest travel companies in the UK. Maria worked for this company for 12 years in various different departments. She slowly worked her way up in the company and worked with hundreds of people, a vast variety of individuals.
Maria noticed that she's a people's person and naturally many would pour out their stories, troubles and worries to her and she listened with care and great attention to each individual, not knowing what to say but only listened. Maria then noticed the effect listening had on people & decided to pursue a career in the Counselling industry.


Maria signed up for a three year course with Chrysalis, but in order to proceed with Counselling Psychotherapy, it was essential to complete one year Diploma in Hypnotherapy. To her surprise, this wonderful method of therapy came to her naturally. Along the process of studying and working with a variety of individuals, she realised that Hypnotherapy is very powerful and effective, most important, it is a natural way of helping people.


Once she'd qualified, Maria knew that this is truly what she enjoyed doing with great passion in helping people. It is her natural gift! She decided to continue practicing Hypnotherapy Professionally because, Maria figured that this method of therapy is the way forward for humanity's well being.


Maria is qualified to treat the following:


  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Relationships
  • Stress and Anxiety 
  • Weight Loss


Maria specialises in Confidence, Self Esteem and Relationships. She can also work with people who need help with preparing for exams and sports competitions.


Pre-preparation for Exams and Sports competitions.
We spend enormous hours studying processing information, preparing our bodies for the physical challenge we set ourselves. When the moment finally comes to prove ourselves to the challenge, whatever it may be, the nerves seem to take over in many different ways. Hypnotherapy can help improve concentration, coordination, refine technique, heighten self awareness, eliminate inhibiting thoughts in regards to performance and increase capacity to enjoying your sport and perform well on your exams.

What Some Clients Have Said About Maria Vassoodaven

I have done a few sessions of Hypnotherapy with Maria to help me deal will anxiety and fears, I'm feeling much confident dealing with my daily life and my anxiety has become less and less every day, Maria is a very gentle, loving and caring person, and I feel very comfortable with her.
- Lucia -
It's an amazing experience (hypnotherapy), you somehow come out of it knowing what you have to do and just do it, took a few attempts as I am not the easiest person to relax but once I let myself go I saw and started to organise my life in my own visions and just got on with it. I grew stronger buy the day, more focus, was able to deal with intense change in my life and dealt with it as every day went by. Would highly recommended it.
- Laurinda -

Maria has shown her commitment and enthusiasm to help me from the very first session, she was kind and understanding and seemed genuinely interested when I was explaining to her about my personal issues and how I would like the therapy to help me overcome them.

She was always asking me how I felt about what was being done and explained in details the process that we were going to go through and that I could stop it at any time if I didn't feel comfortable. That shows that she has a high emotional intelligence which, in my opinion, is essential if you want to understand other people's emotions and help them. She is a skilled therapist and I would highly recommend her.

- William -

I have to admit I was sceptical at first when I done this, however I had always heard about the power of the mind and how it can work, if you let it. My personal life was not going so great as it felt like there was always something happening after another and I was not getting anywhere.


When I had done hypnotherapy I could sense something had changed, I couldn't really explain what but I felt lighter on my feet and felt so much more confidence in myself.
I started changing every negative thought into a positive and just changed the way I thought about things my head seemed so much clearer and I stopped worrying so much. As I have changed my way of thinking it's like everything has just fit into place and I am a much happier person and my family has also noticed a difference and feel happier too!

- Lydia -
When I first started therapy with Maria, I thought it was a load of crap, but after my second session, I began to see shapes and faces and I started to feel all sort of emotions. I had my ups and downs, good and bad days. It's a process, but the results were amazing.
I've started to put myself first, figured out what I wanted and needed & never felt better! I'm so much happier, no anger, no holding grudges and I'm just living each day as it comes.
I honestly couldn't ask for more. Thank you for helping me.
- Sandra -

Treatments Offered By Maria Vassoodaven



1 Hr : £45   

Initial 45 minute consultation £20

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