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Marie Williams

Marie Williams


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Marie offers face-to-face individual therapy to adults of all ages. She has worked with a variety of issues from abuse (including sexual, physical, emotional, bullying, homophobia, neglect), insomnia, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, addictions, obsessions, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, loss, bereavement, challenges relating to sexuality, self-esteem etc. through to the feelings of shame, unhappiness, sadness, jealousy, anger etc. which are often associated with surviving such difficulties.


Marie is plain-speaking, and her contact style warm, non-judgemental and straight-forward. Her approach is to nurture a person's real self, so as to encourage self-expression so that he or she may create genuine choice for him or herself. She understands that counselling may appear daunting and Marie's attitude is very much that, "if it's on your mind - then all the more reason to bring it to therapy" - where she will ensure that your concerns will be listened to, treated seriously and in complete confidence.


Whilst her work comes under the umbrella of "talking therapies", she works holistically on the basis that mind/body, and therefore, emotional/physical health are inextricably intertwined. In addition to promoting dialogue, Marie supports self-exploration and creativity with creativity; this can prove illuminating - and ultimately - growthful and healing for her clients.


She trained at the Gestalt Centre, London, is qualified in Gestalt Therapy and Humanistic Counselling and provides one-to-one support to adults seeking change in their lives so that they may live more authentically - that is, as true a person to themselves as is possible - in order that they may reach their optimum potential.


Prior to training as a counsellor, Marie worked as a legal and generalist adviser helping people with wide-ranging legal and other issues from, for example, housing, employment, discrimination, debt through to consumer rights. It was in this role that she became fascinated with how clients' mental health not only impacts their physical health (and vice versa), but also how mental health affected her clients' ability to cope with the vicissitudes of daily life.


Work may be short-term or open-ended and Marie is interested in hearing what is really going on for you, in exploring your needs and in working jointly with you towards getting them met. To this end, the first session will consist of an assessment so that you, the client, may assess what it is you want to get from any future sessions.


Certificate in Humanistic Counselling Skills
Diploma in Counselling


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Professional Standards Authority

Available At Feel Good Balham

Thursday 17:30 - 21:30

Treatments Offered By Marie Williams

Humanistic Integrative Counselling  

Humanistic Integrative Counselling    

1 Hr : £55   

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