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Neil Sharland

Neil Sharland

Osteopath, Functional Movement Specialist and Sports Massage Therapist

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Neil is a GOsC registered osteopath and sports massage therapist. Neil is a self-confessed movement geek and is passionate about how the appropriate functional movement of the human body encourages mobility, strength and a life free of pain. Neil has studied with the Gray Institute in the USA, the leading school of functional movement science. Neil's osteopathy sessions consist of soft tissue work, manipulation and dry needling techniques, as well as exercise based techniques to enhance the body's function. Neil also offers sports massage treatment.

With extensive clinical experience treating a wide variety of patients and injuries, Neil has the flexibility to tailor treatment to your needs - whether you need tight muscles releasing, have suffered a sports injury or have longer term pain that you need some help to understand and improve.

Available At Feel Good Balham

Monday 13:30 - 21:30

What Some Clients Have Said About Neil Sharland

I sprained my ankle and my wrist in separate incidents, months apart, but both injuries were taking a lot longer to heal than I expected and were limiting my mobility and causing fairly constant discomfort. My ability to take part in any form of sport or exercise was severely restricted. I was having trouble with basic movements such as running, squats and push ups and was not confident in putting any load or stress through either my wrist or my ankle.

Neil was recommended to me by a friend from the gym and in three sessions over the course of a month, his treatment drastically increased the mobility in both my ankle and wrist and greatly reduced the level of discomfort. As a result, I've been able to return to the gym and the sports I was playing prior to the injuries and I continue to improve by putting into practice the movement patterns Neil has taught me."

- Neil Gill -

I had unexplained pains and instability in both feet and ankles that steadily got worse over a year until I was unable to do any exercise or walk far without pain, and woke up with aching feet every morning. After a couple of unsuccessful treatment plans with a physiotherapist & podiatrist, a friend suggested seeing an osteopath.


Neil quickly understood the problem and started treatment. After just the first session I immediately felt a difference in the way I was walking. This continued to improve over the next few weeks with more treatment and continuing to do the recommended exercises. After just a month and 3 sessions I had no pains in my feet, even during exercise. I now feel much more stable and am back to doing several exercise classes each week without pain. I am thrilled and would highly recommend!"

- Eve Blanchard -
I started treatment with Neil due to pain I was having in my hips and knees for 2 years during any mild activity. I had been receiving treatment from another osteopath for 3 months with no improvement. Neil's approach was very different. He was concerned with the way I moved and how my body was functioning. The sessions were not only on the treatment couch but consisted of exercises that would challenge my body to move in different ways and function better. After the first session, and with home exercises to do, my pain dropped dramatically. After 3 sessions with Neil I am now pain free and working out daily. I am so happy with the transformation and I feel like my active self again.
- Sharareh Avazzadeh -

I broke my foot in January during a football match. Despite the bone healing well after 6 months and number of appointments with a physiotherapist, I was still experiencing pain (even whilst walking). I then had a recommendation from a colleague and decided to see Neil. Neil identified factors which were contributing to the difficulties I was having with walking and which were making my foot more painful. After the first session, as a result of the hands on therapy Neil employs, I felt an immediate difference in my foot in that my mobility. Neil tackled issues that had built up around the leg and hip which were contributing to the pain in my foot which I never thought would have been the source of the problem. After continuing to do the exercises and stretches Neil suggested, I am now experiencing much less pain and am able to play football, which I was beginning to worry would be impossible.

Neil knows exactly what he is talking about and I always felt he was fully in control of what needed to be done.


- Matthew Perry -

Prior to my first treatment with Neil I wasn't able to stand fully upright and was in a lot of pain. Having identified the problem, Neil set out to improve my mobility and stabilise the area. The advice and treatment given meant my mobility and ability to carry out everyday tasks quickly improved.


This was all done over a short time period as I had 2 major training objectives, a trek in the Himalayas and an upcoming arduous training course. I met the first objective and once returning from Nepal, the treatment began to increase in intensity and also focus on more than just the lower back. This meant I could return to running and full exercise in good time to prepare for the upcoming training course.


My experience of treatment has been a hugely positive one. I felt my objectives and restraints were constantly understood and worked towards.

- Charlie Carter -
Neil made a massive difference to my training for the New York Marathon. I had been experiencing severe muscle stiffness particularly in one leg after my long training runs. The sports massages that I received from Neil not only relieved the pain but his advice on preventative stretches and suggestions to change my running shoes had a huge impact on my ability to train for the race, all that and a very nice guy as well. Thanks very much!
- Charles Owen -

Treatments Offered By Neil Sharland



30 Mins : £45    45 Mins : £52   

Sports Massage  

Sports Massage    

30 Mins : £45    45 Mins : £52   

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