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Self Empowerment Coaching

Self Empowerment Coaching

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Self empowerment coaching is for someone that wants to make some changes in any area of their life, while strengthening their outlook, positive mindset, confidence and resilience in the process.


Self empowerment coaching encompasses creating positive, fulfilling and mutually appreciative relationships, being able to say ‘no', managing overwhelm and conflicting demands, ensuring time and attention for yourself, back-to-work or new career changes, achieving optimum health and wellness for better energy, decision-making and physical appearance, communicating what you want to via personal style coaching, achieving better sleep through greater mental ease and more, as tailored to you.
It is about opening you up to the realisation that you truly can, be, do or have anything you want, while helping you manage the practicalities of life - alleviating stress and its impact, smoothing difficult relationships and increasing joy, fun and your excitement for life.


Getting you from where you are now, to where you want to be, with a catalyst, means you reach your long-held and elusive aspirations and change situations you may well have been in for a while, in a focused, true, fast and constructive way than if you were to go it alone. Coaching is credited with the success of everyone from executives to celebrities, stay-at-home mums to teenagers improving their lives, thanks to a coach's skill in revealing your own best advice to yourself, plus their support, belief and warm accountability to action change.


During a 50 minute coaching session Jacqueline will ask you insightful questions in powerful techniques and use inspiring and practical written and visual exercises including NLP (highly effective spoken exercises) to help you let yourself dream and understand what it is you truly want to experience, help you discover ways forward you never thought could be options through breakthroughs in your perception and see the change you want in just weeks, when you thought it could only take years. Every session in a tailored 4-12 session program ends on a positive note, leaving you ready to face the week or fortnight ahead with motivation, enthusiasm and positivity.
Self empowerment coaching's typical 100% success rate is through its ability to bypass our internal ‘interference' which holds us back. Many people are hugely self-motivated and greatly desire their goals, but the complexities of thinking through the obstacles and options, and a possible feeling of lack of time, money or focus to sort through them, hinders progress. Others may have a lack of belief or confidence that they can make their goal work, despite very much wanting it, or the anxiety, conflicting values, or influence of others in their life, to name a few factors, make the process complicated.


Jacqueline's aim is to help you press pause on your busy life and take a breather to reflect, plan and action, in a non-judgmental, advice-free and bias-free space, true to your own aspirations, values and knowledge, which is something extremely rare in our opinion-filled world. Her approach is described as exciting, uplifting, fun, personalised, sensitive and collaborative and always effective.



The initial 1 hour consultation is a Discovery Session where using coaching techniques, you and Jacqueline will explore the potential of what improvements in your life could mean for you beyond what you may be currently aware of, refine your vision and goals in more detail than you have approached them before and shed more light on your current situation and motivators than you have appreciated previously. Together you will decide whether coaching is the most suitable tool for you at this time and the most effective tailored coaching package to reach your aims.

What Some Clients Have Said About Our Self Empowerment Coaching

My life has really turned around, and my boyfriend even proposed to me, when at one point I thought we may break up, and we are just about to buy our first house together.
- Abbie Bryant -
Jacqueline is an enthusiastic, energetic coach. Her style is warm, personable and when appropriate, high octane. She comes across as incredibly prepared and considered.
- Ebonie Allard -
I took some really challenging emotional goals to the sessions (one was to learn to say 'no' to people in my life) and through Jacqueline's coaching, I have really achieved so much.
- Kiki Kirby -

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