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Shamanic healing

Shamanic healing

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A Shamanic healing with Anita involves you being taken on a Shamanic ‘journey'. It enables you to connect with inaccessible parts of your Psyche. Here is where your blocks, fears and obstacles reside. But once a connection has been formed, you are able to feel more ‘complete' and ‘integrated'.

Whilst the Shamanic journey is taking place, sound, crystal and healing energies are used by Anitato shift your vibration from its current frequency to a higher frequency. Sound, crystal and energy healing benefit your chakras and energy bodies (i.e. causal, subtle & etheric bodies) in the same way as ‘engine tuning' improves the performance of a car.

Clients may experience many effects during a Shamanic Healing. Some feel currents of energy, some feel the weight and temperature of the crystals change, some experience a sense of ‘floating' and some feel ‘expanded'.

After a session with Anita, different effects may happen for a few days afterwards. Everyone's experience is unique, and everyone's experience is exactly what is required by their Soul/Spirit to benefit them at that point in time.

What Some Clients Have Said About Our Shamanic healing

I have had several Shamanic Healing sessions from Anita Chakraburtty and am sad that she has moved from Sydney to London and I can't see her anymore.

Her healing sessions were paramount in restoring my health, both physical and emotional. Her sessions left me with an increased confidence in my body and mind to be able to continue and grow. They also helped to manage my pain from my knee that I have had after surgery some years before.

Her healing sessions were relaxing and at the same time uplifting giving me a haven and opportunity to rest and be held safe in the session, leaving me feeling revitalized and ready to meet the world again.

I would recommend Anita and her amazing skills, sensitivity and forthrightness to anybody and would gladly keep seeing her if she came back to Australia.

- Joanna, Sydney -
My Shamanic healing session with Anita was one of the BEST energy healing treatments I have ever had. Once I settled into a comfortable position, my descent into a healing space crept up on me and I only realised I had entered a deep relaxation zone when the session was brought to an end. It's hard to describe what it felt like but I've tried a few other practitioners and Anita was one of the most intuitive, caring and talented healers I've come across.
Each session has been slightly different but I look forward to them each time and she never disappoints.
- Michael, Sydney -

Therapists Who Offer Shamanic healing

Anita Chakraburtty  

Anita Chakraburtty    

costs: 30 Mins : £55    1 Hr : £95   

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